Leather Care

All of our handcrafted products are made of full-grain leather, which has been tanned using a Vegetable or Oil tanning process.
Please read below for specific care instructions for your leather good!
Vegetable-tanned leather is a natural premium method of tanning and it is what we use to produce some of our products.
With proper care, vegetable-tanned leather can last for decades and it will develop a unique, highly desirable patina!
Every few months, depending on use, we recommend rubbing a bit of our leather balm into the leather bag to condition and restore its luster. Keeping the bag clean and out of direct sunlight is beneficial. 
Also, keeping it dry and away from rain is a must. Moisture may discolor it if it’s not wiped dry asap. 
 - In case of accidental scratches, reduce by massaging the skin gently
- Store in the dust bag for minimal exposure to dust and the elements
- Protect from exposure to extreme (sun)light and humidity
- Avoid contact with grease, mud, dirt, rough surfaces & rain

 Some of our leather products are made from Full-Grain, Oil-Tanned Leather.  The leather has been oiled and conditioned with water repelling properties.  Your product will condition itself over time from the inside out, developing a beautiful patina and unique characters

 The tanning process has already treated your leather for scratches & scuffs and will easily rub out or disappear with time.  You do not need to use conditioner for the first 6 months to a year.  

After time, (years) the natural oils in the leather will begin to dry so this  is the best time to use a leather balm!

Please note that conditioning with oil or an oil based product will darken the color of your leather, so proceed with caution.