Tan Hair on Hide Leather Cut Out Handle Tote

$181.99 $242.00

Hair on Hide and Leather Cut Out Handle Bag
Our full-grain, hand Cut - leather tote and Hair on Hide leather is durable for all-day wear that will last a lifetime. Made in our Raleigh NC workshop this leather bag has an open cavity with an 
interior pocket. 

Made to order in our shop in Raleigh North Carolina, USA

LIFETIME WARRANTY Covers you against any material defect or craftsmanship!

Comes with a Leather Pasture dust bag and a Leather Pasture Leather Balm!!!!

Measures: 12 inches wide x 11 inches tall x 2 inches deep

Each item is unique, I will do my best to make it the same but please note that as a natural product, leather will bare signs of the cow's life like healed scars, scratches, bites, etc… that might make it slightly different.